25 Amazing Cricket Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

It’s impossible to live in India and not get affected by the love-wave of cricket. I mean, as we once discussed, if we were to divide our nation in two, it would be done on the basis of those who love cricket and those who worship cricket.

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Ten interesting cricket facts

The game of cricket is considered to be one of the oldest games which is played worldwide. Cricket is a game of unpredictability and every year, new records are created. Since the first officially recognized Test match was played on 15 March 1877, international cricket has now survived more than 141 years, spanning across three different centuries.

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43 Unbelievable And Amazing Cricket Facts That Will Surprise You

The first game on cricket in India was played almost 150 years ago. And its almost impossible to live in India and not get affected by cricket fever. Even one who are not interested in game gets glued to TV screen during India-Pakistan match. When our team wins a big event the whole country starts celebrating it like a festival. On the other hand if the team loose one can see all kind of defamatory statements spoken and published in their names.

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20 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Cricket

Last week, a cricket tournament was conducted in Indianapolis which was considered a remarkable success. Nearly a thousand spectators turned up to witness the home team play in person, a number that is quite large considering the popularity of cricket in America. It is clear that the sport is being pushed hard in the country and is being offered as an alternative to the big four. Here is a set of 20 amazing facts about cricket that could help you peak your interest in the game

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