How I Resurrected A 50-Year Old Film Camera, And Discovered Its Beauty

I repair things. As I am also actively doing photography, I have repaired some cameras in the past years – but a friend recently brought me a beautiful, and somewhat unique vintage film camera, which I wondered about.


Amazon Is Selling A Tiny House You Can Build Yourself In 8 Hours

Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation where you have some guests coming and you realize you don’t have enough place for all of them to sleep? Sure, you can try laying some sleeping bags on the floor or politely ask them to sleep in their cars but you know what else you can do? Build them a house.


This DIY A-Frame Cabin Sleeps 8 and can be Built in Weeks

The AYFRAYM is the first stationary offering from mobile tiny house experts Everywhere Travel Co. It’s a two-story A-frame structure with 1,574 square feet of living space that’s inspired by 1960s vacation homes, and you can build it in a matter of weeks.


I Love This DIY Arcade Machine You Build as Easily as Ikea Furniture

There isn’t a video game from the heyday of arcades you can’t play on a home console (or even your phone) now. But spending hours hunched over gaming cabinets in a seedy storefront was a wonderful childhood experience for many of us, and one that can now be easily recreated at home—minus the seedy. If you can successfully assemble an Ikea table, you can easily build Arcade1UP’s miniaturized arcade machines.


The Snapmaker 2.0 — Igniting a DIY Revolution?

Snapmaker is back with their 2.0 that has all the makings of a good action movie; transforming machines, lasers, fast moving sharp objects, molten stuff, and limitless creative potential. And we had the opportunity to interview Daniel Chen, CEO of Snapmaker, about the product launch.

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