Why More Guys Should Wear Traditional Indian Clothing

I often look at a newly married couple and wonder at the many visible symbols of her married state that the bride sports: sindoor, chooda, mangal-sootra etc. The groom looks no different from his pre-married state. The fact is that women in India are usually more traditionally dressed than men. We see modern India women in sarees and slawar-kameez all the time, but we rarely see modern Indian men in a dhoti, mundu, veshti, sherwani, kurta-pajama, pathani etc. except during weddings and festivals.

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Times When Priyanka Chopra Took The Fashion World By Storm

Call her a diva, a fashion icon, or a humanitarian, she is everywhere. Yes, we are talking about our desi girl Priyanka Chopra. PeeCee who turns 36-year-old today hasn’t aged a day since we first saw her in The Hero.

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How To Ace The Fashion Game On A Budget

Maxing your credit card for a coveted dress is something we are all guilty of. But this practice is slowly becoming a part of our shopping routine, rather than a one-off splurge, because we have started equating good fashion with more expensive. The truth is that you don’t have to shell out every penny in the bank to create a stunning look when you can easily get a head-turning outfit at half the cost.

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Ranveer Singh Shows Us How To Dress Right For An Appraisal Meeting

Airport looks that seem to have become a thing now over here in B-town, are just one of those things you either love or hate. I mean if you’re going to be on a long flight, don’t wear a 3 piece suit. It’s foolish. But leave it to sartorial rule-breaker—Ranveer Singh to do everything that is not normal. Like he was recently spotted at the airport, arriving from London, looking mega-sharp in a navy blazer that he paired with a white button down, worn under an Adidas Originals sweat-shirt and checkered trousers that fit like they were made just for the dude. Stylist, Nitasha Gaurav completed the look with pristine white lace up sneakers and some Malo sunglasses (that we’re currently lusting over!)

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Fashion Trends To Follow in 2019

Fashion trend 2019 – We are just a month short of 2019, and 2018 seems to have had the best in fashion trends. We all got a sneak peek at what will be in store for 2019 at the Lakme Fashion Week 2018. The season’s hits were the plumes, sheers, sequins and metallics.

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