About us

Welcome to UI-F.COM, It stands for Universe`s Interesting Facts .This is a place to explore Universe via interesting Facts, we try to represent the world via beautiful images and posts. Art, design, photography – if it’s new and creative, you want to see, and we want to deliver it to you. Thus we bring best knowledge from different corners of universe to enrich your Knowledge.

Why we here ?

We want to showcase the hidden facts about Universe via easy and user friendly medium. We are here to make your time useful while you are here surfing this website. Facts given here may be unknown to you before. We want you to know about other countries, things, peoples and places in this beautiful universe. We want to analysis facts about other countries to give you an idea how others are doing things in more better ways.

Whats for me ?

UI-F is your own platform platform and we want to develop the social aspect of our website. Everyone would benefit from artists uploading and sharing their art on UI-F, joining up in a community of like minded individuals. You might be different in your subjects and approaches, but you are all unified by your art. So Register, upload and share – we made it extremely easy, so you could have more time to work your art. Why are waiting for make a profile for you and start working…