30-August-2019 | Daily Facts List

Guy Illustrates How Boys Develop Sexism From Seemingly Small Interactions With Adults Parents, teachers and other people around them play…


29-August-2019 | Daily Facts List ART

McDonald’s Replaces Happy Meal Toys With Our Favorite Childhood Books To Encourage Kids To Read With more and more kids…


28-August-2019 | Daily Facts List ART

Other Species – Tribal Bodyart Series After Which Artist Dedicated Her Life To Bodypainting The young artist Vilija Vitkute discovered her self as a true artist through bodypainting in her…Continue Reading →

09-June-2019 | Daily Facts list

Things No One Tells you about Parenting a Teenage Boy Raising our four children, including raising a teenage boy, is…


08-June-2019 | Daily Facts list

Dutch Artists Paint Giant Bookcase On An Apartment Building Featuring Residents’ Favorite Books While many street artists choose abandoned buildings…